Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Welcome to another new member to our Relief Society.  Sister Natalie Wadsworth has moved into our ward and living up by the Fitzwater's.  We are excited to have some more new, young blood among us.

Remember the Annual Meeting of Dixie Escalante Electric on Tuesday, June 7.  Dinner will begin at 5:00 and served until about 6:30.  There will be a bounce house, train ride, and hot air balloon.  Business meeting will begin at about 6:00.  Please note the change in location:  Escalante Valley Elementary School.

The Young Women will not meet on Wednesday evening, but instead on Friday at 5:30.  They will be doing preparation for camp and asked to bring their camp manuals.


Our new president, Sister Melanie Christensen, presented our discussion today.  Since our Laurel girls met with us, she gave the lesson that would normally be given to the Young Women on Missionary Work.  We learned some do's and don'ts regarding our interaction with our missionaries serving both locally and those of our ward away from home.

Our missionaries need to have "strength of body, strength of mind and strength of spirit" according to President Hinckley.  We need to encourage and help our young men to  have these qualities and to serve.  We need to pray for them, go out with them, feed and encourage them and then send them on their way. 

Young Women can help them by keeping them worthy to serve, by avoiding steady dating, by writing uplifting letters, encouraging them to serve and follow the rules, dressing modestly, and helping them to focus on their lives there and not at home.

Sister Christensen used the example of one stick that we can break pretty easily, but nine sticks are more difficult to break.  She applied this to the rules that a missionary has.  One rule makes us strong, but nine rules makes us stronger and gives us strength in our service.

May we go forward to help and support our missionaries as they serve the Lord.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We had several visitors in our Relief Society on Sunday.  Sister Cami Tullis was here visiting with her folks.  Also, a niece to Tullis' was here to enjoy family ties.  We welcome a new member to our ward, Sister Myers.  We will give more on her next week after we do a little detective work.

We are pleased that Sister Elaine and her husband Tony are home after his surgery last week.  They will have a one-week wait before beginning chemo and radiation.  We are so happy to have them back among us.

News has arrived of the Enterprise High School Baseball Team winning the State Championship held in Kearns over the weekend.  Members from our ward include:  Jade Hulet, Parker Laub, Dylan Tripp, and Dustin Tullis.  Congratulations, boys!  The girls also placed in their State Tournament.  Aubrey Christensen and Dakota Robinson were on the 3rd place team.  Way to go, ladies!


After singing "Called To Serve" as an opening hymn (which is always inspiring), Sister Bea Gubler gave a wonderful lesson on Missionary Work.  We were taught that the Lord's church is a missionary church and it is part of His plan for us. 

We should all be missionaries even if we are not formally called and set apart.  "We are responsible to teach the gospel by word and deed to all of our Heavenly Father's children."  A few of the many ways that we can do this are:
  • By showing our friends and other the joy we experiece from living the gospel.
  • By overcoming our natual shyness, being friendly and doing kind things.
  • By explaining the gospel to others.
  • By teaching our children the importance of sharing the gospel.
  • By paying our tithes and offerings.
  • By contributing to the missionary fund.
  • By inviting nonmembers to activities.
  • By giving copies of the Church Magazines to others.
We are promised that those of us who work for the salvation of others will have our sins forgiven and bring salvation to our own souls.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Words cannot express our appreciation to our dear Relief Society Presidency that has served us so very well . . . for four faithful years.  Sisters Marilyn Tullis, Deb Fitzwater, Cindy Cluett, and Amy Hart were released Sunday in Sacrament Meeting.   Thanks to each of you for all you have given:  your time, your talents, your love, your friendship and all the service you have rendered. 

Congratulations to the following sisters who were sustained as our new presidency:  Melanie Christensen, President; Christy Gardner and Laura Hughes, Counselors; and Cassy Jones, Secretary.  It is a given that you will serve as well and as faithful!  We are looking forward to being led by your sweet spirits.

Since this slothful blogger has missed a couple of weeks . . . just a little catch-up on annoucements and happenings.  Our little Miss Mary Taylor is advancing from Primary into the Young Women.  Can we believe that she is old enough to be a Beehive?  Wow!

There is a Church Restoration Project underway and donations will be accepted on your tithing slip listed under "Harmony, PA Restoration".  This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in this wonderul project.

Sister Lynn Lindsey is continuing to make our work 'light' as far as our food storage is concerned, and we really do appreciate her efforts.  She is just concluding her order for beans and will surely have a new sign-up sheet soon.  If you will give her your e-mail address, she will send you any current specials or sales that are available.  At times, there are items that you can purchase other places cheaper than at the cannery and she is willing to advise you of those via e-mail.  Presently, she can purchase powdered eggs at Costco nearly $4 less than at the cannery and other outlets she has.  If you are interested in purchasing these, let her know by phone (439-5672) or by e-mail (lynnlindsey45@yahoo.com).   Thank you, Sister Lindsey, for going the extra mile.

The Digital Mamogram Unit will be at the Enterprise Clinic on May 17 and 18.  Please call the clinic for an appointment and take advantage of this opportunity to have access to this unit so close to us.

Mrs. Ruby Anderson, a former valley resident, is having a special birthday.  She will be turning 90 years young on May 16.  We invite you to participate in a "card shower" for her.  Please send your birthday wishes to her home in Dolan Springs:  Ruby Anderson, 14225 N. Bullhead Rd., Dolan Springs, AZ 86441-9517.

Please remember to keep Brother Tony Schriver in your prayers, as well as, Sister Anita Thomas this week.  Both are dealing with serious health issues, and we certainly wish a speedy recovery for both of them.


We appreciate the great lesson that Sister Marilyn Tullis gave on the first Sunday about the Relief Society organization.  What a timely subject considering her recent release.  She challenged us to spend our time wisely and dedicate ourselves to the gospel.  She quoted a 89 year old woman who said when asked how she continued to go forward, "my heart gets here first and then its easy for the rest of me."  Perhaps we could take a page from her book.

Sister Christy Gardner taught us well the principle of Tithes and Offerings.  It is so good for us to be reminded of these gospel principles that has such an impact upon our lives.  Being a willing tithe payer is one way we can show gratitude and willingness to obey a commandment.  "When one pays his tithing without enjoyment he is robbed of a part of the blessing.  He must learn to give cheerfully, willingly and joyfully, and his gift will be blessed." (Stephen L. Richards)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are grateful this week with another addition to our Relief Society.  Sister MISTY GARDNER will be coming our way from the Young Women.  She will be honored this Wednesday night along with other graduating Young Women in our Stake.  Congratulations, Misty.  We certainly welcome you and hope you will feel at home among us!

It is our privilege to also welcome another new member to our ward, Sister MARTY CAVELLERO.  She has moved into the home just north of the church (on the lot where the candle factory used to be).  We are excited to have her here and are looking forward to a wonderful association with her.

There are those among us who need our prayers this week:  Sister COLLEEN JENSEN has been ill for some time and struggling to feel good.  Sister ANITA THOMAS has been diagnosed with a rare liver disease (cancer) and will be at the Huntsman Cancer Center this week.  We will keep you updated on her condition.  Please remember these special sisters in your prayers.

Sister THERESA DAY from St. George visited our ward on Sunday.  She is here visiting with Brett Christensen and his family.

If you would like to sign up to assist with meals for Sister KAYLA PLATT (for when her baby is born), please remember to do so this next week. 


What a wonderful lesson to give us a reminder of how we should be living and caring for those around us.  Sister Christy Gardner addressed the subject of "Charity" and gave us all food for thought.

"Charity comes from a pure heart . . . and is the pure love of Christ."  The Savior gave us the perfect example to follow and showed us that both spiritual and physical needs of those around us are as important as our own.

" . . . exept men shall have charity they cannot inherit that place which thou hast prepared in the mansions of thy Father." (Ether 12:33-34)

"We should not try to decide whether someone really deserves our help or not (Mosiah 4:16-24).  If we have taken care of our own family's needs first, then we should help all who need help . . . Even when we give to those in need, unless we feel compassion for them we do not have charity."

Several ways were discussed to help each of us develop the Virtue of Charity:
                               Study the life of Christ
                               Pray to have greater charity
                               Learn to love ourselves
                               Avoid thinking we are better than others

May we all diligently work to be better sisters in the gospel!